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Want to lock in a fixed rate?

An SBA 504 loan may be right for you


If you want to purchase or refinance fixed assets such as commercial real estate, an SBA 504 loan is a great option. You’ll get a longer repayment term, a fixed interest rate, and even have an opportunity to cash out equity on a refinance to help your business grow. Plus, new rules published by the SBA may make it even easier to qualify for the program.


SBA 504 loans offer:


Financing of up to $15 million for:

  • Acquiring an existing building
  • Building expansion or renovations
  • “Green Certification”
  • Fixed assets from business acquisition
  • Refinancing eligible business debts with the opportunity to cash out your equity

Below-market, fixed interest rates for the life of the loan, making it easier to plan and budget for your business.


Lower down payment requirements that conserve more of your working capital for continued growth and expansion (with a 90% loan-to-value ratio).


Longer loan terms than typical business loans, which creates lower monthly payments, which makes financing for commercial real estate and fixed assets more affordable.


A smoother and faster closing process with parallel underwriting of the SBA and Certified Development Companies (CDC).

We're more than a lender.
We're your lending partner.

As a nationwide SBA Preferred Lender, First Bank of the Lake’s lending decisions are driven by our team of banking professionals who understand your business. We'll employ our creativity, understanding, experience and expertise to build the right solution for you. 

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All loans are subject to credit approval. Restrictions and limitations may apply. First Bank of the Lake does not provide tax, legal or investment advice. All decisions concerning these matters should be made in conjunction with your professional advisors.

What will you need in order to apply for an SBA loan?

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